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The Wonder of the West

22,000 hectares of sand and pastures are contemplated by this emblematic monument, a natural border between Normandy and Brittany, visited by nearly 3 million people every year.

A real setting on the sea

Mont Saint Michel and its bay regain their original appearance

Mont Saint Michel is once again an island (during high tides) ! A place unique in the world where millions of tourists visit each year. If you don’t know Mont Saint Michel, you know what you have to do. And if you are tempted to take a walk in the bay, it is mandatory to call a guide to make this crossing. About 1H30 drive from Hypocamp campsite.

Le Mont Saint Michel

An island between Normandy and Brittany! If you’ve never been to Mont Saint Michel, take advantage of a stay at l’Hypo’Camp campsite for a day of walking at Mont or Baie of Mont. Book here to take a trip to the bay of Mont Saint Michel with a guide.

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