A charming fishing port and scallop festival.

On the cliff at the entrance to the port, the Vauban tower was built in 1964 to guard privateers and prevent English invasions.

In high season, every Friday night, night market and fireworks

Guided tours in high season

Several guided tours (F/GB) on schedule in high season and on request in low season to discover the life of a fishing port:

– Discover artisanal fishing, the techniques used.

– At low tide, explore the rocky foreshore, its flora and fauna

– In the evening (Tuesdays only, minimum 10 registrants) the landing will allow you to discover all kinds of fish

– With a guide, the shipyard and the fishmonger’s shop are open to you

Follow in the footsteps of SIGNAC and SEURAT: Immerse yourself for a walk in the landscapes painted by two neo-impressionist painters.


Scallop Festival

A festival not to be missed under any circumstances! The festival of scallops and “Le Goût du Large” fishing products attracts nearly 50,000 people over two days in Port-en-Bessin. This festival takes place every year on the first or second weekend of November.

A taste for further horizons

is a festival of scallops and seafood, and a festival of songs by sailors from Europe. This event highlights the fishermen’s profession, with an exceptional opening of the auction. To you scallops! Old rigs are also on display and the trawlers can be visited, as well as the shipyard.

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