Second World War High Ground

La pointe du Hoc

A major structure, part of the Atlantic Wall. Small advance of the coast in the sea, which overlooks a cliff 25 to 30m high, in Criqueville-en-Bessin.

It was the scene of a capital operation of the  Allied landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

Pointe du Hoc was equipped with heavy artillery pieces whose range threatened the two nearby beaches: Omaha to the east and Utah to the west.

The 2nd American Ranger Battalion was tasked with taking the artillery out of service. He managed to take control of the site at the cost of heavy losses. But the artillery pieces will prove to have been moved by the Germans shortly before and installed 1.3Km back, inland. Today, this place evokes what was an artillery with its management post, casemates, shelters… The visit is free.

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